Purposes of Arcadia Village

  1. To establish and maintain an intergenerational community for the older individual, starting on Vancouver Island.
  1. To create facilities necessary for an aging individual so that optimum activity is encouraged.
  1. To create and maintain social circumstances where young and old can meet in a healthy interchange.
  1. To create human care circumstances and abilities, which are commensurate with the dignity of each individual.
  1. To create social work circumstances that strives to demonstrate the interdependence of those in need and those who can fulfill the need.
  1. To make every effort to create and maintain a working circumstance where each one can experience his dependence on the efforts and good will of his coworker.
  1. To create work circumstances where each individual can make an effort to carry responsibility commensurate with ability and to demonstrate his capacity in productivity.
  1. To create and maintain educational and work circumstances that can aid people to acquire new skills only on a broad basis of pure human abilities such as are required for healthy daily living.
  1. To create a social circumstance that can further a sense of independence in spiritual life and a generous, altruistic capacity with regard to life and service.
  1. To create and maintain a possibility that the life of all members – whether serving or being served – have a balance in work, social, and spiritual strivings.


We as elders know that it is our collective responsibility to do better, to brseniors-stretching-exercisinging more awareness and consciousness to protecting the greater community and its future generations. We know we must act. To become empowered to execute this responsibility, we are initiating a movement with a common purpose, to collaborate with others and to act accordingly with a common voice.

As conscious elders, we know that we are part of the problem; and we now choose to be part of the solution. Knowing that we must be the change we wish to see in the world, we offer ourselves with humility and passion, in whole-hearted service, by defining, developing and delivering our unique gifts. We also vow to support and to be in concert with all others who pledge their lives to actualizing the dream of a healthy future.

We call upon men and women of all ages to embody the universal values of respect, compassion, integrity, justice, non-violence, and reverence for life. May we co-create an emerging culture of connection with these values, translating them through the way we live into a sustainable world for the coming generations.

It is in the natural world that we can most easily remember that which is authentic and natural in ourselves, and thus gain an eagle’s eye view of our place and potential in the larger web of life. Arcadia Village is being formed as an elder care health co-operative to be established on a working organic farm and to respect nature as the foundation of our existence.

We wish to shift the emphasis from “medical” intervention by professionals to preventative “health and wellness” and that each of us acts to achieve optimum wellness for our own long-term health.  Health co-ops provide community leadership in achieving the basics of good “preventative” health care.

There is a big difference between simply becoming old and aging consciously–aging with intent. We wish to work inter-generationally and encourage social, economic, and environmental stewardship with sound governance. We bring our multiple talents and resources, offering these in service to the goal of preserving and protecting life.


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