New Model of Holistic Senior Living

Arcadia Village is a new model of healthy and holistic senior living on organic farms being developed for Vancouver Island.

By putting into practice basic principles of cooperative and holistic community living seniors can acheive a healthier and higher quality of life.

The basic lament of the older person is that, “you take away from me everything which is important to do. You leave me with games, television, and internet and think I will be happy. I’m not! I still can do things!”

More and more seniors are saying that “passive aging”, where the older person pays a fee to be cared for and then sits back to years of nothing but leisure and rest, becomes empty and does not meet their needs.

Arcadia Village is addressing this problem with a program of “active aging” where  seniors can take up modest work together that engages head, heart and hands.  Organic gardening, keeping bees, growing and preserving food, hand crafts, woodwork, fine arts and movement can help seniors to expand and develop themselves, while providing a rich cultural and social life.

We welcome your feedback, participation and support in helping develop Arcadia Village into a new model for cooperative elder-care in British Columbia.

Please fill out our survey to help us determine the number of interested participants and assess needs and resources.  If interested in attending a public meeting, or helping to develop Arcadia Village in your area, please let us know at the end of the survey.


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